Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technology Research is primarily focused on data processing and analysis, provided by Integrated Transport Systems (ITS) and Integrated Manufacturing Systems (IMS). Analytical processing of extensive data sets, placed in basic research areas, plays a major role in scientific and research activities. Next, there is also an area of Optical and Communication Technologies, used in Transport systems and area of Sensor Networks, used in Intelligent Transport and Manufacturing systems. The primary research area is the algorithm proposal, technique and solutions used in industrial practice. Research topics are interconnected with other activities of the USP but they are addressed individually provided that outputs are implemented on a large scale.  On the other hand, the secondary task is to design common platform of information and communication technologies, which will provide the support of advanced research and development of Intelligent Transport Systems as well as Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. Most activities of the applied research of Information and

Communication Technologies is oriented towards research, development and application of Information and Communication technologies and also services for the industrial practice.

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We dispose of some interesting research results nowadays:

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