Information and communication technologies

Main activities

The role of research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) primarily focuses on the processing and analysis of data provided by complex systems in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS). Analytical processing of extensive data set forms a substantial part of scientific research activities. Analytical data processing is realized with a data centre use, dimensioned for calculations requiring high computing power.

A significant part of applied research activities in the information and communication technologies field focuses on research, development and application of information and communication technologies and services for industrial practice. Research topics connected with other activities of the University Science Park, but they are solved separately based on the assumption of a broader or separate application of outputs. Another goal is to create a common platform based on information and communication technologies to provide support for cutting-edge research and development within the priority area of ​​intelligent transport systems and production systems and in combination with the concept of advanced and safe places. Smart City and Safe City.

The ICT Division also deals with the design and implementation of tailor-made software solutions for cybersecurity and provides integrated software and hardware support to all departments of the University Science Park.

A separate area is ​​the optical communication technologies field with application in transport systems and ​​sensor networks, so as intelligent transport and production systems.



  • Sensor network research and indeterminate information processing for intelligent systems.
  • Research in the field of audio-visual information processing.
  • Knowledge technology research and decision support.

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