Preparation and management of projects and grants

  • providing seminars, information on the issue of projects funded by European and national sources (Horizon 2020, Structural Funds for R&D for 2014-2020, other programs to support innovation and research and development),
  • advice on calls, opportunities to participate in projects and project submission,
  • preparation of new R&D projects, project management,
  • submission and coordination of international R&D projects (especially Horizon 2020 projects),
  • domestic and international networking,
  • providing training in project management. If you are interested in cooperation, contact our coordinator.

If you are interested in cooperation, contact our coordinator.

Protection of intellectual property and its commercialization

In the field of intellectual property, we offer: 

  • ensuring the intellectual property protection created during the implementation of research and development, 
  • advising on the process of filing patents and utility models with an emphasis on proceedings before the Office,
  • cooperation in the transfer of knowledge and technology into practice.

 In the economic area, we offer:

  • mapping the needs of Slovak and international industry and practice, 
  • domestic and international networking focused on finding commercial partners for contract and custom research,
  • assistance in creating business plans, 
  • elaboration of feasibility studies (expertise, analyses) aimed at identifying the commercial potential of research and development results, 
  • calculation of initial investments in start-up and spin-off companies and estimation of future returns, price estimates of outputs,
  • elaboration of a methodology for optimizing corporate liabilities in the conditions of a specific start-up or spin-off company. 

In the legal field, we offer:

  • legal assessment of the creation of intellectual property and advice on further handling of intellectual property, including the choice of an appropriate strategy for its optimal legal protection and the creation of contracts for the commercialization of intellectual property (licensing agreements, transfer of rights, and so),
  • elaboration of all related agreements, documents and submissions, to relevant national and international institutions according to individual requirements of a specific case,
  • ensuring the legal side of the establishment and establishment of spin-off companies, legal advice for start-ups.

Promotion and education

Our team can ensure: 

  • training of scientists in areas such as intellectual property, project management, and so,
  • organization of consultations, seminars and workshops,
  • presentation of research results at conferences and fairs,
  • presenting results of technology and knowledge transfer at the University of Žilina.

Supporting documentation

Accompanying documentation for the area of ​​intellectual property protection in the conditions of UNIZA in the scope of: 

  • notification of the origin of the subject of intellectual property (sample), 
  • share agreement (model),
  • description of the subject PV (sample),
  • statement of co-authors (sample), notification of the joining of works (sample), 
  • confidentiality agreement (model), 
  • Confidentiality agreement (model),
  • notification of infringement or threat to intellectual property rights (sample),
  • notification of the creation of know-how (sample), 
  • offer of improvement proposal (sample), 
  • other documents relevant in the process of protection of DV and its transfer into practice, 
  • available on request at the CTT office and from Ms Ing. Janka Macurová at the Department for Science and Research in the UNIZA Rectorate Building (phone: 041/5135143, e-mail: