Entrepreneurs and companies

Do you want to collaborate with us?

We offer you the following services: 

  • joint research projects – assistance in finding a partner from USP UNIZA, or the University of Žilina, into corporate research projects,
  • contract research – assistance in finding contacts from USP UNIZA, or the University of Žilina or specific assignments of contract research,
  • providing legal support for contract research, finding supporting financial resources for joint research projects,
  • arranging contacts for USP UNIZA experts, resp. ŽU who can supply professional expertise and analysis, 
  • mediation of the use of research, development and laboratory capacities of USP UNIZA,
  • transfer of knowledge and technologies of USP UNIZA into practice, 
  • intellectual-property audit in your company, 
  • cooperation in setting up actual intellectual property protection and assistance in its registration and commercialization, 
  • elaboration of feasibility and sustainability studies of intellectual property objects and research projects evaluation of intellectual property objects,
  • help in preparing applications for projects, grants, innovation vouchers, and so,
  • mediation of various forms of education with the participation of experts USP UNIZA.

If you are interested in cooperation, contact our coordinator