Laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality and CAVE Technology

The basis of virtual reality is the effort for the most faithful depiction of spatial models and scenes, manipulation with them, the creation of the realistic world, it’s specific part with all its laws and rules, movement in three-dimensional space and all in real-time. Virtual reality (VR) is an environment modelled by computer means simulating reality. It primarily means creating a visual experience displayed on a computer screen through glasses or other specialized display devices. Augmented reality (AR) is a direct or indirect view of a physically realistic environment, parts of which are in digital, mainly textual, or pictorial form with additional information relevant to the object that someone is looking at. Augmented reality creates virtual elements in the image of the real world. VR use is mainly in entertainment and AR in the utility field. This laboratory has several technological factors that enable advanced work in virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual cave technology - CAVE

CAVE (Computer Assisted Virtual Environments) is a space that combines immersive technologies and virtual reality, thanks to which is the participant is drawn into the virtual area. This tailor-made technology consists of specialized projection screens and mirrors and projectors integrated system. The virtual content is projected into the three walls of the cave and into the floor. The immersive experience is enhanced by a motion recognition system, active 3D glasses and a motion controller.

Our technologies

Gear VR ergonomic glasses are equipped with soft and flexible padding, allowing virtual reality to see through a big screen. By clue points on the glasses, it is possible to attach a mobile phone as it is a direct source of virtual content.

The Leap Motion controller is lightweight, portable, 8cm long, allowing you to draw, move objects, play games and control professional applications in virtual space. The shooting is taken care of by two built-in infrared cameras, which monitor the movement of the hands in their field of view of 150 ° × 150 °, identify it and create a three-dimensional model of it, which is converted to digital form in points. The device has wide use, from Internet browser control to professional applications such as AutoCAD, Maya or 3DSMax; it also helps in games. The integration of the Leap Motion environment is managed by the ever-expanding range of games built on the Unity and Unreal Engine platforms.

Epson Moverio glasses are designed for virtual reality and, thanks to an advanced hardware platform, they provide a different view of augmented reality. Moverio allows you to connect the digital world with the real. It has a Si-OLED display, which eliminates ailments with a shorter lifespan, displays top colours and a sharp HD image that optimally complements reality. The surroundings are recorded by a 5 Mpx camera and many other sensors. The glasses are equipped with a quad-core processor to ensure the required performance.

Space Mouse is a 3D computer mouse that brings more efficiency and convenience when working with 3D software. It has a sensor with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) that allows easy navigation in digital models or setting camera positions in 3D space. We have both the Compact version and the Pro version with extended functions. The technology of the professional seat (Play seat) with accessories represents an ultra-realistic simulation of car driving. The seat cover is made of highly durable Alcantara material, which is very common in the automotive industry. The racing seat allows you to attach the steering wheel, pedals and connect the game console. The set built in this way enables a realistic simulation of driving in a vehicle.