3D laser scanning laboratory

This technology is used to support the digitization of objects and objects in the field of elements of production and logistics systems for industrial applications. The laser scanner enables precise targeting of the spatial information about scanned objects in a 3D display with high work productivity compared to conventional methods. Another item is software for building intelligent electronic and physical archives with the possibility of centralized physical and electronic storage, control and security of data. Analytical and visualization tool connected to centralized storage of scientific research documents supports the creation of intelligent data databases.

Portable 3D laser scanner

The high-speed 3D scanner for detailed measurements obtains specific three-dimensional scans of the surrounding environment in a short time, on the order of a few minutes. It is equipped with a touch screen for easy control and setting of scanning parameters. The scan result is a complete colour network of 3D points, which digitally reproduces the current state. Thanks to its low weight, small size and simple touch control, it is possible to save up to 50% of scanning time compared to conventional scanning systems. Applications of the scanner are as follows: indoor and outdoor scanning, architecture, BIM and civil engineering, inspection and reverse engineering, the chemical and automotive industries, archaeology and cultural heritage conservation, forensic engineering, accident documentation.