Safe City Concept Laboratory - Safe City

Research for the concept of safe places in the Safe City Lab related to Huawei LTE Rapid technology, which provides an intelligent solution in crises. It focuses on the possible deployment of the system in crises and testing the reliability of individual system components. One device is lent to the Municipal Police in Rajec, where they perform, by using this device, high-resolution monitoring in their daily service. Due to advanced LTE Rapid technology and high-speed wireless transmission, the police can monitor different areas, and they can change the location of the cameras as needed. Thanks to this technology, the city of Rajec is moving forward towards the modern Safe City concept.


The LTE Rapid system is a flexible and reliable broadband multimedia network solution based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. This system provides the so-called “End-to-end” solution (E2E) from chips, terminals, networks to applications, which means that various multimedia communications such as professional trunking channel, broadband data transmission, recording and distribution see high definition (HD) and dispatching takes place on one terminal on one frequency and one network. In addition, the Rapid system gains a significant technical advantage in terms of network adaptability, reliability, security and scalability. The Rapid system uses a collapsible type structure consisting of: 

  • Notebook (runs eOMC in PC edition and eDC) 
  • Main box (contains eSCN231 and eMDC devices), RF box (contains eRRU device) 
  • Power supply (eLTE Rapid system power supply)
  • Quick accessories, on-board accessories
  • Antenna (telescopic masts 2.5m and 8m long)

The system also features the EP820 Smart Transmitter, a high-power broadband portable terminal that provides powerful features including private calls, group calls, SMS and MMS, broadband data access, dispatching and multi-service simultaneous transmission. It also has a 4.5-inch touch screen with the Android operating system. This way, all calls and monitoring can be recorded, stored and viewed on the main box. The Rapid system, with its foldable design, supports fast deployment in 5 steps in 15 minutes.