Transfer of Technologies

Technology transfer is the result of research and development either implemented at the university or by the university as a project partner. This is legally, technically, administratively and economically complex and challenging process. Intellectual property identification is essential as it has the potential to be successful in the market. It also has the potential to further develop and adapt in compliance with the technological progress and social needs. Furthermore, by means of professional activities of internal and external employees, we will provide you with this kind of intellectual property, all necessary contracts and documents, as well as a design of a suitable transfer form.

What forms of technology transfers do we offer?

Contractual or Joint Research

Technologies licencing

We provide legal and economic consultancy regarding the form and kind of licencing, including the amount of contractual fees. Licencing (transfer form) is based on a contractual relationship in which the licence provider gives consent to an acquirer to use the licence to the fixed extent, at the fixed location, time and price. All these conditions of a licence contract should be set according to the object of the contract, partner’s requirements and owner’s rights.


We provide research teams with the potential of further development, full support and service. This is done via the Spin-off method, which is the individual legal entity implementing its own research projects into practice. The Spin-off method can be implemented with or without the help of university. The university represents cash or non-cash deposit in a form of intellectual property.

What do we provide?


We aim at ambitious teams of young people and also experienced innovators (students, postgraduate research students and external partners), who see their future in their own business. We are primarily looking for highly innovative projects with the potential of regional and global market growth. For example, technologically oriented start-up companies.

What do we provide?


If you are interested in cooperation or any service, please contact the Transfer of Technologies Centre (TTC)

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