Technology transfer

Technology transfer, which is the research and development result, whether carried out on the university premises or with the university participation, as a project partner, is a complex and demanding process in terms of legal, technical, administrative and economic. 

The essence is the intellectual property identification with the potential to succeed, maintain and develop in the market or modify according to technological progress and societal needs. 

We can help you to identify the intellectual property, design a suitable form of transfer and provide all necessary contracts and related documentation through professional activities provided by internal staff and external partners.

Contractual or Common research

  • is the most frequently used form of transfer in the university environment, 
  • we will provide you with legal advice in the preparation of contracts,
  • we will consult with researchers and partners from practice on the impact of contractual conditions on the process of intellectual property protection, which is the result of contractual cooperation
  • we will consult on the possibilities of implementing the achieved knowledge into the educational process and publishing activities of academic staff.

Technology Licensing

We will provide you with legal and economic advice on the method and form of licensing, including the determination of license fees.

Licensing is a form of transfer based on a contractual relationship where the licensor grants the licensee consent to use the subject of the license to a specified extent, in a specified territory, within a specified period and at a contractual price. 

It is necessary to determine all these terms and conditions of the license agreement considering the subject of the license, the requirements of the partner and the requirements of the rights holder.


We will provide comprehensive support and service to research teams with the potential for further development of their research in the form of a spin-off by creating an independent legal entity that will develop and implement to practice its research topics and projects. The Spin-off can be fulfilled, with or without the ownership of university participation, which represents a monetary or non-monetary deposit in the form of an intellectual property deposit. 

What forms of transfer do we support?

  • contract research or joint research,
  • technology licensing, 
  • spin-off, 
  • start-up.

What can we provide for you?

  • active search for talented innovators from the ranks of researchers,
  • consultancy in the field of evaluation of the possible market potential of developed technology, elaboration of technological assessments, a proposal of business and marketing strategy, sustainability studies, 
  • support for emerging spin-off companies up to the start-up phase,
  • constant interaction with the research team,
  • mutual transfer of know-how, scientific mentoring, 
  • starting the business process of R&D projects, arranging contacts with customers, 
  • creation of business, trade and marketing plans 
  • legal and business advice,
  • presentation of research team activities abroad (participation in fairs, international presenting), 
  • marketing positive patterns and developing a team of mentors,
  • securing sources of funding for the development of the research team, 
  • incubation of the research team with the potential of establishing a spin-off company in the environment of UVP UNIZA – provision of office and seminar premises,
  • support for innovative and entrepreneurial skills, support for managerial skills: provision of education and coaching, scientific and business mentoring,
  • assistance in obtaining resources for financing innovation projects,
  • arranging contacts for business angels or venture capital representatives.


We focus on ambitious teams of young and experienced innovators (students, doctoral students, external partners) who see their future in their own business. Mainly, we are looking for highly innovative projects with growth potential, not within the region but also in the global market, i.e. innovative technology-oriented start-up companies.

What can we provide you?

  • We provide you with legal and economic advice, 
  • We provide you with contacts to the local and international community supporting start-up companies,
  • If it is technology-oriented start-up companies and necessary, we will ensure cooperation with experts from the university and USP UNIZA for developing, testing and verifying technology in laboratory conditions.