Welcome to USP incubator & Science Park – a meeting place for people, businesses and ideas. This is where people with an abundance of drive and motivation come together to build innovation projects and viable businesses, with support from the Incubator. Do you have an exceptional idea and need help?

If the answer is yes! Send us your thoughts and a brief description of your idea and we will arrange a personal meeting. If you or your team take part in the incubator, you will benefit from the services mentioned below.

What kind of services do we offer?

Who is the Incubator suitable for?

USP is one of Slovakia’s leading science parks so we value our incubators and offer a creative growth environment. Therefore, the incubator is suitable for young researchers, graduates, students with creative ideas who are in need for professional help and support in innovation areas. We also welcome the prospect of working with experienced innovators and companies.

Marketing help and support

Marketing is a complex area and the incubator works extremely hard with successful applicants to provide appropriate support and advice for marketing.

We provide quality and appropriate services to dedicated individuals or teams who are in the process of finding new and existing solutions to problems and solutions in their growth phase.


CTT is located in A building of USP UNIZA – 3th floor
Tel: +421 41 513 7517, +421 41 513 7518