Do you have an idea and need help?

Provide us with a description of your idea with innovative potential, and we will arrange a personal meeting with you. If you or your team becomes part of our incubator, you will be able to take full advantage of the services listed below and fully implement your research project. 

What services do we offer you?

  • advice on founding a company, 
  • assistance with the development of business plans,
  •  partner search,
  • legal advice,
  • accounting and tax advice, 
  • administrative support, 
  • marketing support, 
  • support for obtaining sources of financing and contacts for investors, 
  • organize workshops and consultation (about marketing, finance, trade, et cetera). 

Whom is the incubator addressed?

Primarily for young researchers, doctoral students, students with creative potential who need initial (professional and material) support for the start of their activities. However, we are ready to support older and more experienced innovators. 

Do you need marketing support for your project?

If your solution has the potential to be marketed, we will provide you with comprehensive marketing services:

  • development of marketing strategy,
  • preparation of marketing letters that briefly and concisely describe your technology, 
  • branding, marketing planning together with a marketing budget,
  • digital marketing (including website and social media),
  •  event management, 
  • PR and media marketing.

We provide services to solvers with new or existing solution and those who are in the growth phase.