The idea of building science parks and research centres

The idea of creating USP was developed in 2010, when the Ministry of Education, Research and Development, and Sport of the Slovak Republic realised there was a need for an institutional development with advanced research infrastructure and experts from key research areas. This will positively influence the Slovak economy and regional competitiveness via the support of applied research and innovations.

Project preparation

Project preparation process was divided into several stages:

University science park establishment

In June 2013, Grant Contract was signed. This Grant has officially started the implementation of project activities. First employees were hired, the cooperation with partners from abroad started, business trips and negotiations were carried out. Moreover, Research expert teams were created, we had several delegation visits and we attended many opening ceremonies. Therefore, in order to make the USP more productive, it was necessary to set up internal processes, provide information and technical support as well as public procurement.

Park Construction

On June 10, 2014, the construction of two buildings of the USP started. Three days later, the foundation stone of the USP construction was laid on University campus. This was done in the presence of the Slovak Minister of Education, R&D, and Sport. The construction work is expected to be completed by December 2015.

On Decembre 7, 2015 , University Science Park was opened