Intelligent transport systems

Intelligent transport systems integrate information and telecommunication technologies with transport engineering and the support of other related areas (economics, transport theory, systems engineering, et cetera).

In ITS research area, we set main goals in managing projects to increase:

  • road safety,
  • transport efficiency (saving transport time)
  • environmental quality (fulfilment of the Smart Cities vision),
  • the productivity of the company’s commercial activity.

Within our activities, we focus on the development of advanced applications to provide innovative services for transport and traffic management. Applications should provide greater awareness, safety, and “smarter” transport networks use, focusing on road transport (within the meaning of EU Directive 2010/40 / EU of 7 July 2010). 


Possibilities of cooperation

We welcome cooperation in various areas such as research, consulting, projects, courses or technology transfer into practice or even intellectual property protection.