Human-Machine Interactions Laboratory

Research activities within the laboratory allow performing user testing of the interaction of the human factor with machines and devices in changing conditions and based on the analysis of the obtained data to propose changes leading to increased efficiency and safety of the investigated processes. The human-machine interface can be characterized as mutual communication and interaction between man and machine. It is a place where technology meets man.

Realized research of the laboratory:

  • the impact of visual pollution on the driver,
  • technical records keeping of traffic signs and visual pollution on the selected road,
  • visibility of traffic signs on the road during the day and at night,
  • comparison of eye-tracking measurements (eye movement monitoring) in realistic and laboratory conditions,
  • driving testing of a driver in simulators (sharing experience),
  • sharing the knowledge of the driver for driving in an actual environment,
  • testing of email advertising,
  • A / B testing of advertising
  • testing the customer’s movement in the e-shop.

Research areas:

  • analysis of the influence of external conditions on the human factor in interaction with the machine in a real or
  • simulated environment (reaction time, behaviour in crises, et cetera.),
  • analysis of the influence of a person’s mental state on his ability to work with machines and devices,
  • analysis of the transport infrastructure from the point of view of the traffic participant,
  • audit of traffic signs of road infrastructure,
  • analysis of visual pollution (billboards) for road safety,
  • ergonomics of the machines and devices (vehicles) design with which it comes human in contact in the control and manipulation process
  • ergonomics of human work activities within production cycles,
  • product placement strategy in business units.