Why corporate with ITS?

Unique infrastructure

The combination of hardware, software and personnel equipment that will be available after the completion of the park at the top international level.

Solution proposal

We propose solutions according to the specified substantial parameters in a specific situation. We verify our solution according to defined parameters and the city's transport model.


We offer training for local government employees.

Research in Slovakia

The results of research activities will be applicable in practice in Slovakia. We support top research in our country.

Crisis simulation laboratory

The laboratory enables the analysis of risks such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, the spread of chemicals and radioactive substances, public transport accidents involving the transport of dangerous goods and industrial accidents.


As a part of our services, we provide advice on system monitoring and traffic management in the city, features and options, intelligent transportation within the concept of Smart City.

Solving traffic problems

We offer optimization of solutions to traffic problems, the know-how of modelling and simulation techniques, transport infrastructure planning, analysis of the application of IDS elements in traffic management. Available software tools enable complex solutions to transport problems of cities and territorial units, simulations of solutions in real-time, evaluation of the effectiveness of elements of transport infrastructure.