Research and optimization of automated road vehicles based on forensic investigation of traffic accidents

Operational program

Integrated infrastructure

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EU fund

European Regional Development Fund

Call code

OPVaI-VA / DP / 2018 / 1.1.3-07

Project code in ITMS2014 +


Name of the project

Research and optimization of automated road vehicles based on forensic investigation of traffic accidents


University of Žilina in Žilina

Project financing

NFP amount: 710 394.23 EUR

Project implementation period

01/2016 – 12/2019

Place of project implementation

SR / Žilina Region / Žilina

The domain of smart specialization

Industry for the 21st century

Subject of research

Implementation of independent research and development in determining the technical, safety and durability properties of modern and automated road vehicles, mainly focusing on their automated and robotized elements, expanding the knowledge base in this research area to increase the likelihood of accident prevention.

Outputs to practice

  • Improving the coordination of the research potential of the University of Žilina.
  • Increasing the research activity of the University of Žilina.
  • Consolidation and further development of the existing infrastructure in the areas identified by RIS3 SK in the region of Northwest Slovakia.

Professional project activities:

Research activity – independent research, development and testing in the modelling and simulation of accidents of automated road vehicles, based on actual traffic accidents for new methods of assessing the technical condition of vehicles for the industry in the 21st century.

The aim is the implementation of research activities of the independent research and the development, to develop new knowledge in the construction of a simulation mathematical-physical and the human body model, using the results of forensic analysis of traffic accidents with vulnerable road users.

Professional guarantors in the project:

Prof. Ing. Gustáv Kasanický, CS.c. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of traffic safety and accident analysis. He currently works as the Director of the Institute of Expert Research and Education UNIZA, Director of ÚSI UNIZA, Professor (ÚZVV) and Member of the Scientific Board of UNIZA and Scientific Councils of other universities (Faculty of Law, MBU in Banská Bystrica, Jan Perner Faculty of Transport, University of Pardubice), Vice-president of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU). He has many years of management experience at the academic level and in the field of road safety. He is an expert in the field of Road Transport and Engineering. He was involved in the analysis of traffic accidents and, he is the author of established procedures and standards in the traffic accidents analysis. He carried out the most important research projects at the international level within FP5 and FP6. At the national level, he was the solver of several scientific research projects within the grant schemes APVV, VEGA and SF (OPVaI).

Ing. Eduard Kolla, PhD.  – researcher. In his research activities, he mainly focuses on forensic biomechanics, also on impact testing for forensic purposes and forensic video analysis. He is one of the leading European experts in the field of technical forensic sciences. He is a Member of the Board of the European Association for Research and Analysis of Traffic Accidents – EVU. He is a responsible and leading national expert in impact testing implementation for forensic purposes, where he specializes in performing impact tests at high speed in non-laboratory conditions in the real world. He was the solver of several projects within the grant schemes APVV, VEGA, and SF (OPVaI.)

Ing. Tibor Kubjatko, Ph.D. – professional assistant. He is a forensic expert in Road Transport and these branches: accidents in road transport, the technical condition of road vehicles, estimation of the value of road vehicles, mechanical engineering and road safety inspections. He provides forensic expert activities of USI UNIZA (Institute of Forensic Research and Education of the University of Žilina) in Road Transport.  Also, he performs research and publishing activities in Road Transport and Forensic Engineering and teaching within the specialized education of Road Transport. He is the author of several internationally – recognized methodologies and procedures. He is one of the founding members of EVU (European Association for Accident Research and Analysis in the Slovak Republic). He was the project leader of many projects within the grant schemes APVV, H2020, FP5, FP6 and SF (OPVaI).