Research of intelligent solutions for advanced production systems

The activity focused on research and development in reconfigurable and logistics concepts; innovation evaluation, planning and management; monitoring, visualization and optimization of the production process; and with a direct link to production and logistics systems from industrial practice. 


  • Virtual Design of Manufacturing Systems – a system for digital and virtual prototyping of manufacturing systems and utilizing augmented reality.
  • Ergonomic studies (products, workplaces, human-machine interaction, data suit, haptics, sensors – working environment, time standards, simulation) – Ergo System. 
  • Work with intelligent 2D and 3D multi-camera system.
  • A complex system for laser measurement.
  • Research in the field of humanoid robots and their application in practice. 
  • Application support for image recognition and processing. 
  • A platform for visualization of the production process.
  • Development and implementation of modular, reconfigurable, intelligent robotic systems. 
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the level of innovation and its market potential, innovation management. 
  • An intelligent platform of internal logistics with the possibility of fast reconfigurability, using autonomously without operator intelligent mobile robotic systems, automatic monitoring and control system operating in the production cycle.