Prototyping of intelligent manufacturing systems and reverse engineering

As part of this activity, we carry out top research and development in the computer modelling field and reverse engineering for intelligent manufacturing systems with results directly applicable to technical practice.


  • Digitization of realistic objects and creation of accurate 3D models (products, halls). 
  • Comprehensive digital data management, data representation, storage, compression, presentation and transfer. 
  • Research of progressive prototype technologies for industrial, biomedical and bionic research. 
  • CAD / CAE design and analysis – numerical scientific calculations, modelling and simulation.
  • Testing samples by combined stress axial tensile pressure based on the Inova system and 3D coordinate measuring workplace with sensors for precise measurement and reverse engineering. 
  • Bearing testing using virtual testing. 
  • Transmission tests using virtual testing. 
  • Knowledge base for virtual testing of technical and bionic products.