Management of intellectual property rights

Management of intellectual property rights

We have created a system that:  

  • solves the problem of knowledge and technologies transfer into practice in a complex way, its commercialization and the intellectual property protection on the premises of the University Science Park of the University of Žilina in Žilina (USP UNIZA), or The University of Žilina in Žilina (ŽU) 
  • complies with the university’s internal regulations and legal requirements related to the protection and commercialization of intellectual property,
  • emphasizes the legitimate interests of the authors and authors,
  • applies to each of you after considering the specifics of your industry or business area. 

What we focus on?

  • we focus on the identification of intellectual property with the potential for its further application on the market, 
  • we support the developed ideas in the design stage of the final project, ready for testing or development of a prototype, 
  • we can help you decide whether the intellectual property need to protect, it means to invest funds in its protection and registration,
  • with the help of feasibility and sustainability studies, we can evaluate the potential of your research project or intellectual property,
  • we focus not only on the economic and financial evaluation of your research project and its results but also the legal purity of ownership relations between research partners and customers and the documentation area. It means to provide all relevant documents that are an essential part of the intellectual property protection process and its commercialization. 

What services do we offer?

  • support activities in the creation of searches, in the process of intellectual property protection, 
  • assistance in filing patent applications, trademarks and utility models, educational and promotional activities in the field of intellectual property rights, 
  • advisory and consulting activities in the area of intellectual property rights, 
  • preparation of strategies for the legal protection of intellectual property,
  • research activity,
  • development of market evaluation to assess the possibilities of commercial use of the intellectual property and market application,
  • identifying potential business partners and initiating preliminary negotiations with these partners, helping in negotiations with business partners,
  • ensuring the evaluation of the intellectual property,
  • providing access to international databases of new technologies offered for commercial use and searching for licensing and strategic partners,
  • supervision to ensure the process of protection and commercialization of intellectual property, including monitoring compliance with legal and other deadlines, especially in connection with the payment of registration and maintenance fees, license fees, material and time implementation of individual steps of the process within commercialization.