Laboratory of testing of electric drives

This laboratory is assigned for measuring, verifying and testing the operating electromechanical characteristics of electric drives, or medium and high power electric rotating machines, other electronic and electromechanical devices.

The laboratory with its equipment can cover the needs for research, development and testing in electric motors of new concepts, in power electronics and electric drives field for hybrid and electric vehicles for passenger transport and commercial vehicles.

Energy replenishment systems and testing of parameters of electric drives

The laboratory is equipped with a set of technological equipment: 

  • Dynamometer ASD P330-4 / 1400-1 – used to supply and control the tested equipment of asynchronous motors, synchronous motors (including motors with permanent magnets) or reluctance motors.
  • Climatic chamber. 

The ASD P330-4 / 1400-1 dynamometer is the high powered recuperative three-phase asynchronous dynamometer and works in both regenerative and motor modes up to power on the shaft of 330 kW on 4500 rpm. The maximum speed reaches 8000 min-1 and can supply or process up to 200 kW of mechanical function. The torque of the dynamometer gets a value of 1400 Nm up to a rotation speed of 2250 min 1. It includes a 330 kW three-phase inverter with an output voltage of 400 V and a current of up to 580 A. This dynamometer may work up to 100 kW at 1500 rpm and deliver a torque of up to 637 Nm. The maximum speed of the dynamometer is 6000 min 1, at which the torque reaches up to 88 Nm. In addition, the dynamometer is constructed to measure not only the torque of the tested machine but also the torque ripple. 

Also, torque ripple measurement is an important parameter, especially in traction applications, where the smooth course of torque contributes to the greater comfort of passenger travel (for example, in trolleybuses or trams or electric cars).

The climate chamber consists of an external test space with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2 meters (volume 8 m3) and a climate chamber VCS3 7060-5. The chamber itself contains a smaller test space with a volume of 600 litres (w 800 xh 800 xh 950 mm) and can create an environment with air temperature in the range of -72 ° C to +180 ° C, and air humidity from +10% to +98% (in the temperature range +10 ° C to +95 ° C).

External test the space is designed for air temperature range from – 50 ° C to +150 ° C and air humidity from + 15% to + 95% (in the temperature range + 10 ° C to + 95 ° C). The laboratory is equipped with various power supplies and a pair of high-precision Yokogawa WT1800 series analysers in a 6-channel version used to measure electrical and mechanical parameters.