Common workplace ZIMS

Development and integration of the latest knowledge, methods, systems and technologies from production, assembly and transport is performed at the ZIMS workplace. One of the subsystems of ZIMS is the Digital Enterprise, developed as a specialized tool for designing, digitizing, modelling, simulating and optimizing production systems. 

New intelligent manufacturing systems also require new employee competencies. Therefore, the ZIMS also includes a module for innovative student training using the latest educational technologies and approaches, referred to as the Learning University. 

Measurement and diagnostics

  • Vibro-diagnostics. 
  • Leaks in pressure systems measurement. 
  • Circumstances of the accident quantification, for example, driving speed, deformation forces, et cetera. 
  • Transmission diagnostics. 
  • Bearing life testing. 
  • Design of automated measuring systems.

Support for modern construction

  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Precise construction with the help of 3D scanning of complex surfaces (such as the design of optimal ergonomic shapes). 
  • “Custom” design with support for all necessary modern technologies. 
  • Application of innovative methods and principles – TRIZ, ARIZ, bionics, …

Digital design

  • Digitization of production premises. 
  • Complete design of production systems. 
  • Optimization of production layouts. 
  • Providing comprehensive logistics solutions (AGV logistics system). 
  • Simulation of production processes, optimization. 
  • Workplace optimization – ergonomics.