Basic Information

Project Title: University Science Park of the University of Zilina

ITMS Code: 26220220184

Call Code: OPVaV-2012/2.2/08-RO

Operational Programme: “Research and Development”

Priority Axis 2: Research and Development support

Precaution 2.2: Knowledge and Technology transfer gained through the Research and Development into practice

Total Authorised Costs: 41 million Euros

Project Duration: June 2013 – December 2015

Project Partners: VUD stock company

Strategic aim of the University’s Science Park is a development of an excellent and internationally recognised Science Park with the principal focus on the economic growth and regional development.

Specific aims of the USP are:

USP is focused on the scientific approach to problem solving which could be applied in the practice. It also aims to use and integrate experience and knowledge of research workers.

Main research areas are from these fields:
Intelligent Transport Systems with the focus on:

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems with the focus on:

Progressive materials and technologies with the focus on:

Information and Communication technologies with the focus on: