Advanced Materials and Technologies

Nowadays, cost reduction trend used for the production of electrical energy predominates. This is mainly for environmental reasons. World research is looking for possibilities that would enable this reduction. New material development is a very important aspect because this type of material will help reduce electrical energy consumption. Also, it will qualitatively improve electrical, magnetic and mechanical parameters of appliances, devices and facilities, which will use these types of materials.

System application research and development is based on optical fibers and photonic elements. The main emphasis is put on study, design, production and implementation of new materials and technologies into electronic and optical systems and sensors. These work on the basis of hetero-structures and thin-layer structures for new communication technologies and transport systems. Moreover, their application in the field of Intelligent Transportation System, Intelligent Production System, Transport Infrastructure Monitoring, new advanced materials and technologies is essential. Research objectives follow latest trends and activities of new materials and thin-layer technologies.

Next, Biomedical industry is an important field due to its sensors, algorithms and vital sign monitoring systems. This results in the use of high quality materials and technologies, their research and development for accuracy increase, diagnostics sensitivity and various functions monitoring of biomedical engineering.

Another important aspect is:

Research deals with energy flow optimization in the field of unconventional propulsion and its components, with aim to reduce the loss. In order to verify this, intelligent testing and diagnostic system of electromobiles, unconventional propulsion together with their components is necessary. Nowadays, the Slovak Republic and other EU countries do not have research workplaces, which could provide services for organisations participating in the development of modern components used in electromobility field. Therefore, research is oriented towards the use of modern methods; tools used in the field of mechanical electromobile components, electrotechnics and electronics. The main aim is to gain new knowledge from the field of unconventional vehicle propulsion and its components. These then need to be presented in the international, scientific and professional community, including the science development of that particular field.

Transport infrastructure monitoring and evaluating with the diagnostics of a traffic road is its state prediction, impact on safety in the traffic and research of new materials. Research will also be oriented towards design, construction and intelligent building management, together with renewable energy sources.


The Results Achieved

We dispose of some interesting research results nowadays:

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