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Intelectual Property Protection and its Commercialization

In the field of Intellectual property we offer:

In the field of Economy we offer:

In the field of law we offer:

Promotion and education

Our team provides:

Preparation and management of projects and grants

Within the framework of cooperation we offer:

Accompanying Documentation

Supporting documentation within the field of intellectual property protection within UNIZA in the extent of:

Intelectual property subject formation announcement (model)

Interest contract (model)

PV subject description (model)

Corporate authors declaration (model)

Products association anouncement (model)

Secrecy maintenance agreement (model)

Confidential infrmation protection agreement (model)

Intelectual property rights abuse or endangering announcement (model)

Know-how creation announcement (model)

Improvement proposition offer (model)

Other documents relevant in the process of IP protection and its transfer into practice

….is available upon request in the office of Transfer of Technologies (TTC) and also in the office of Ms Janka Macurova, department of Science and Research (in the building of chancellor’s office UNIZA)

telephone: 041/5135143


Whom to contact?

TTC is located in A building of USP UNIZA – 3th floor, doors no. 8 and 9
tel: +421 41 513 7517, +421 41 513 7518

If you are interested in project cooperation, please contact the Project Centre.